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    LAUNCHING: A Private Community of Seven Residences in Ubud, Bali. Small and friendly and lots of fun!

    Retire in Bali
    Retire in Bali
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    Retire in Bali
    Retire in Bali
    Retire in Bali

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    Bali, known as the Island of the Gods, is consistently rated among the Top 5 Destinations on Earth. Home to over 110,000 expats and digital nomads, you will discover a remarkable mix of enchanting Balinese friendliness and expat entrepreneurial extravagance.


    location outside of Ubud

    Ubud is the cultural heart of Bali. The town is a 1.5 km (0.9 mi) from Samara, with temples, trails, galleries and museums nearby.

    It’s a perfect place to slow your life down and smell the ubiquitous frangipani and jasmine flowers.

    The Samara Residences sit quietly behind the Samara Villas & Restaurant.

    Property Size: 12.2 are (0.3 acre)


    location outside of Ubud
    location outside of Ubud


    location outside of Ubud
    location outside of Ubud
    location outside of Ubud
    location outside of Ubud

    COVERED PARKINGKeep your scooter or bike out of the weather

    LOUNGE AREA & JUICE BARWatch the day gently unfold while you relax in the shade

    GYMGet that heart rate up and increase those feel-good endorphins

    HOBBY SHOPBring your favorite tools to Bali and keep working on pet projects

    STORAGE UNITSEach residence has 8.6 sqm (92 sq ft) of storage space

    LAUNDRY & SERVICE STAFFLaundry and maid services are available for a reasonable monthly fee

    ONE BEDROOM RESIDENCE - Size: 95 sqm (1,023 sq ft)

    LEVEL 1

    SPACIOUS KITCHEN & DINING AREACook those favorite meals in the privacy of your own kitchen or stroll over to the restaurant in the Community House

    HIGH-CEILING LIVING ROOMA living room built for comfort, with a lovely view beyond your balcony to the rice fields

    PRIVATE BALCONYListen to the birds, attend to your own mini-garden, or soak in the tropical breezes

    ½ BATHA convenient half-bath is located under the stairs


    Retire in Bali

    GLASS-ENCLOSED BEDROOMSurrounded by glass, enjoy a spacious feeling. Gaze out to the rice fields while propped up in bed

    WALK-IN CLOSETYou don’t need four seasons worth of clothes in Bali, but you will have enough closet space for every occasion

    FULL BATHROOMNot sumptuous, but more than modest

    location outside of Ubud

    TWO BEDROOM RESIDENCE - Size: 110 sqm (1,184 sq ft)

    Level 1

    Our two-bedroom units are almost identical to our one-bedroom units on the first level, albeit with less space dedicated to a high-ceiling living room.

    SPACIOUS KITCHEN & DINING AREACook those favorite meals in the privacy of your own kitchen or stroll over to the restaurant in the Community House

    HIGH-CEILING LIVING ROOM (Limited)A living room built for comfort, with a lovely view beyond your balcony to the rice fields

    PRIVATE BALCONYListen to the birds, attend to your own mini-garden, or soak in the tropical breezes

    ½ BATHA convenient half-bath is located under the stairs


    The master bedroom configuration from our one bedroom unit (see above) has been modified a bit, while still maintaining plenty of user friendly spaces.

    A LARGE BATHROOM SERVICES BOTH BEDROOMSSeparate, lockable entrances insure privacy, yet enables an oversize space

    SECOND BEDROOM / OFFICEWith enough room for a double or even a king bed, and a large desk, you can have your cake and eat it on your office table


    ROOFTOP HYDRATION STATION & LOUNGEEnjoy sunrises, sunsets and everything in-between
    YOGA / EXERCISE SPACENot a gym person? Then maybe stretching with a view is more your thing
    REFLECTING POOLYou’ve made it this far in life. Perhaps a little reflection will do you some good :)
    UTILITY ROOMHot water heaters, etc


    LEVEL 1

    RESTAURANT, BAR & LOUNGEGive yourself a break from cooking for yourself. Dine with company and let someone else prepare your meals. Eat, drink and be merry. The dining area can also be converted to a small dance hall. Organize events with other residence owners

    POOL DECKOur pool is not Olympic-sized but is big enough for laps. You can also socialize in the sun or the shade, and you’re not far from a cool beverage


    LEVEL 2

    MOVIE ROOMBig screen, surround-sound, reclining chairs on two levels. And a popcorn machine
    GAMINGWant to play a card game or collaborate to solve a puzzle? There’s a nice table for a small group
    BILLIARD TABLERun the table. “Eight-ball in the side pocket”

    location outside of Ubud


    location outside of Ubud

    FOR BODY & SOULOur lovely spa is at the edge of the rice fields and offers relaxing body treatments

    SAUNAA sauna too? If the community wants one we can make it happen!


    JUST SEVEN PRIVATE RESIDENCESCozy and friendly yet with several big resort features. If you would like to join in on a game of cards or attend a film in our dedicated movie room in the Community House, but later return home to the privacy of your own residence, then Samara Residences is your kind of place

    COMMUNITY FRIENDLYEach residence has access to the entire property. From the gym to the rooftop bar to the billiard table, we encourage participation and sharing

    RETRO TROPICAL DESIGNWe bring a bit of mid-century modern cool—a design cocktail with a spritz of Balinese artistry

    CULINARY SATISFACTIONWhile each residence has its own kitchen, there’s also a chef in the Community House restaurant

    REJUVINATING SETTINGSet among the rice fields, in an area with car-restrictive travel, at Samara Residences you can take it easy

    ATTENTION TO DETAILWe think outside the living space: besides the community features, each residence has its own dedicated storage area. While you may want to live here year-round, there’s also the possibility of renting your place worry-free while simultaneously securing your possessions. We have you covered

    MAID SERVICEYou may hire your own maid, if you wish, as we have dedicated service quarters here at Samara. Maids can buy fresh food at the local market, do housekeeping, cooking, and laundry service, etc. (Buying fresh food at a local market saves money compared to the supermarket)


    Samara Residences is managed by Ohana Retreat Bali and The Samara Villas & Restaurant. Together we have over 14 years of experience in hospitality.

    We provide a residential and community experience that is unique in Bali. Residential owners influence what features will be realized in the common areas of the property.

    As ownerships increase, we will create an online group to discuss the community spaces at Samara.

    Depending on the budget, we will do all that we can to accommodate your desires. This is a space we create together.

    The legal aspect of residence ownership by foreigners will be handled by one of Bali’s top notaries. We can also help provide a seamless transition from your home country, including proper visas, if desired.

    Ohana Retreat Bali

    Owning a Residence in Bali, Indonesia

    Bali draws people from all over the world, and for decades there has been steady growth in villa ownership by foreigners. Having your own place is wonderful, but there are some guidelines you should know before jumping in:

    The most common method is to lease land, as you can easily do this as a foreign citizen. Most leases grant at least 25 years of ownership. Some have extension options as well (typically for 20 years). At Samara Residences we offer 25-year leases with an option to extend them for an additional 25 years, at market prices for the land (divided by seven residences).

    The transaction is rather simple, as you can put the lease agreement in your name. We work with a notary who will generate legal documents of lease ownership in Bahasa Indonesia and the language of your choice (the legal contract is in Indonesian).

    If you want to buy land and are not an Indonesian citizen, there are three options. The two popular ones are, one, you enter into a nominee agreement with an Indonesian citizen, or two, you buy the land through an Indonesian entity that you set up. A third option is to buy land under a Hak Pakai contract, which is essentially leasing the land directly from the government of Indonesia. Hak Pakai contracts last up to 80 years, with the potential for renewal.

    The main benefits of leasing are that the cost of ownership is substantially less and the legal aspect is straight-forward. Samara Residences operates according to a lease, wherein each resident pays for 1/7 of the land’s 25-year value.

    We understand how big of a decision this is. In order to give you a sense of the market in Bali (and how Samara Residences fits into the mix), we are providing this list of other, relevant development projects:

    Earning Income by Renting Your Residence

    Once you own your residence in Bali the question arises as to whether you want to use the property solely for yourself or rent it out. While we would like a tight-knit community at Samara, we also understand that some owners may have obligations in other parts of the world during certain times of the year.

    Our intention is to find buyers who will consider Samara a first or second home, not strictly as an investment. That being said, if you want to rent your residence we can manage the process for you, in terms of housekeeping and paying the tourist tax on your income (10%). And, if you desire, we can manage the marketing side for you as well.

    Typical arrangements are a 20% all-inclusive management fee, making it a turn-key solution for paying guests and for you, the owner.

    At the current sale price of $195,000 USD, a one bedroom residence is the equivalent of paying $650 USD per month (over 25 years). If you were to rent it you could expect approximately $900 to $1,100 USD per month.


    Priced at $225,000 for a one bedroom unit, off-plan residences are now available for $195,000 USD. For a two bedroom unit, the introductory price is $220,000. The expected retail price is $250,000

    45%Construction begins
    40%Construction at 50%
    10%Work complete / final payment
    1 Bedroom$9,750$87,750$78,000$19,500
    2 Bedroom$11,000$99,000$88,000$22,000

    Fees: Covers gardening and ground maintenance, swimming pool, and all common areas$160 a month for 1 bedroom units$175 a month for 2 bedroom units
    Electricity is per residence at approximately $50 a month. Wifi for public spaces are included in the monthly fee, while residential internet will cost approximately $35 a month. Maid service is on a per case basis and runs from $125 - $175 per month

    Breaking ground: March 2022
    Move-in date: April 2023

    Retire in Bali

    Bali and Affordability

    Neill Kramer, the lead developer of Samara Residences and the owner of Ohana Retreat Bali, has a newsletter dedicated to living independently in Bali.

    Retire in Bali


    Fill out the form belowA call will be scheduled with a member of the development teamNext, a call will be scheduled with our Notary / Legal RepresentativeOptional: Have calls with the developer regarding customizing your space, any questions you may have about Samara Residences, or about living in BaliSend your deposit to the Notary, who will hold the money in an escrow account until construction beginsOnce we receive deposits from five community members we will start constructionIf less than five members submit deposits, full refunds will be sent to depositors 1 - 4

    Please fill out our form:

    Thank you for your interest in Samara Residences.
    --- Neill Kramer and the development team